Your website is in place. Congratulations!

So, what’s next? What else exists besides your website?

Your corporate identity is important, and critical to protect from thieves and humorists. is also who-i-am at Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram, Blogger (you get the idea).  Protect your corporate identity across the social networks, and don’t accidentally create confusion or disappointment.

Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always a question. How easy is it for people to find you? What can you do to hold and improve your ranking? What tools are available to monitor your visitors? How much ongoing work and time does this require?

And what other social media platforms are needed or recommended for your efforts? Is Facebook just a necessary addition? What about YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter? Is it something that could use a Pinterest account? What market do you need to reach?

All this is taken into consideration, and balanced with your time and budgets. Let us help you make the right decisions and set a timeline. The world of online marketing is not satisfied with just a website launch for many.

Contact us for more information about how to manage your online identity and efforts, or get information from our blog.