We are one person. Or we are a team of professionals. We are designers, developers, idea people, marketers, advisors, even facilitators.

Design vs. functionality is of upmost consideration in any work, and especially with an on-line presence noting speed and flexibility of sizing (think mobile) as two top issues.

Match Point Projects has designed and/or built websites, blogs, photo galleries, e-stores, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, marketing plans, show programs, brochures, hard-bound books. We’ve been at it since 2007.

Beverly Greene is the founder of MPP, and includes in her previous experiences time as co-owner of a printing company. The experience of ink-to-paper finality in printing is lost in the ever-editable world of the web. So helping clients to know what is possible, how flexible their budget is to allow for specific requests, and assisting in timeline decisions are all part of the magic. Times change, keeping up is essential, and we’ll always be clear with our recommendations.

Please review our Portfolio, which includes links to larger builds where project management was key to the success of the final product, and also for some smaller builds where needs were less, but the details were just as important.